Beach Houses for Sale Palm Beach

Beach houses do not come any better than what you will find in Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beahc has set itself aside as the place to build or buy a beach house. One of the original buildings on the island was a resort built by Henry Morrison Flagler along with his amazing American castle, known as Whitehall. Palm Beach’s location, on the eastern most part of Palm Beach County and pristine beaches, has made it the home of the famous Breakers Palm Beach Resort. The population, in Palm Beach, is three times greater in the summer versus winter making it a prime location for winter visitors.

Locating the perfect beach house, in Palm Beach, takes time and can be very frustrating. The difference between your vision and beach houses available can be vastly different. Your vision may produce images in your mind of summers on the beach, sunlight streaming through windows, outdoor showers, and relaxed meals on ample decks. What if you cannot discover one that fits your vision That is when you contact the specialists at Tanen Homes. The Tanen team has the knowledge and experience to construct you the beach house of your dreams. What are the considerations when building a beach house in Palm Beach Basically, you should consider the structural issues, the windows (for the view), the outdoor shower (to keep sand on the beach and out of the house), and a great deck. There is definitely more below the surface that goes beyond fun and relaxation.

Why are these important First off, the structure requires that it be fortified to guard against the wind and waves, tropical storms, hurricanes and tidal surges. The bipolar nature of the ocean consists of calmness and violence at the same time. The violent side can be comparatively ferocious and random, therefore your new beach house must be able to resist and bear the brunt of the weather. Because you want your new beach house to be safe above all else, choose a builder that uses building standards and materials prescribed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS).

Secondly, the outdoors is why you build a beach house. You want to spend more time with nature. Do you need a better reason to add an amazing living space to your custom beach house May we suggest adding a wraparound deck or porch, and even finishing it off with your own outdoor kitchen.

Finally, your custom beach house can be adjusted and customized by starting with one of our many state of the art plans. Your beach house can have the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams while maintaining the relaxation and comfortable feel you expect in a new beach house. You could add a walk in shower or a custom kitchen island.

Our aim is to assist our clients to construct the custom beach house of their dreams through being there at every aspect of the building process. From construction financing, site plan, and design requirements, we are available to answer questions and guide the process. When you need the best for your custom beach house, you can depend on our competent team of designers and builders.

Contact Tanen Homes for more information regarding your beach house construction. Give us a call at (561)798-3190 today. We are proud to be the vacation home builder you can depend on for exceptional results and outstanding properties.