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Tile Roof or Shingles – Selecting The Right Roof For Your New Home

There are many decisions to make when building a custom built home. Today more and more home owners are selecting a tile roof over a shingle roof for various reasons.

Although tile roofs are much appealing in many cases homeowners will select shingle for cost and maintainece reasons. As a new home buyer it is important to understand the differences and select the right roof for you new custom built home.

Let’s Talk Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are so much more attractive and does in fact add value to your home. Tile roofs can be costly and more so than a shingle roof. Tile roofs provide much more insulation which can affect the temperature inside your home. Tile roofs keep homes cooler in the summer and the insulation is helpful to keep cooling costs down. During winter months the insulation works the opposite and will keep the heat in.

Floridians may select this type of roof to protect from rain, tropical storms and hurricanes. Sometimes the roof tiles crack or break and need to be replaced and a repair is much more costly than shingles. Tile roofs need to be cleaned from time to time. Generally there are warranties on roofs and can be anywhere from 5 to ten years. It’s always best to check with your home builder and general contractor.

Lets Talk Shingle Roofs

You’ll find that shingle roofs are not as expensive as a tile roof and may allow you to add other upgrades to your new home with the savings. Many older homes throughout South Florida with shingle roofs have withstood the strong winds, the heavy rains of hurricanes and tropical storms. If however the shingles are damaged or are ripped from the house, shingle roofs are much easier and less costly to replace or repair. There is minimal maintence compared to a tile roof. Keep in mind new shingle roofs have warranties on them usually up to five years but it can vary. Its been to check with your custom home builder and general contractor.

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DIY Tips: Install Trim Like a Professional

If you want to install trim properly, it will take a particular set of skills , tools and a good eye for details. In historic trims and moldings that were considered the best of the best, a seamless method called “coping” was used. Coping conceals joints and at the same time allows the house to move and settle as the decade goes by. We are going to teach you how to archive a coped joint, it is a very important part of the installation. We’ll also help you to install your trim perfectly,and so we’ll give you extra tips.


It is important that you have the right materials from the start or else your effort will be frustrating. Make sure you acquire the best material that your budget can pay for. Wood is the material I recommend because of its workability and strength. Compared to MDF (medium density fiberboard), wood trim is much more resistant to moisture and water issues. If you go to your local lumber yard or big box store you will find pre-primed trim and molding , but if a 1x lumber is what you need, it is also available.

The best choice of wood trim preferred by most carpenters is poplar. The reason is because it is not expensive and has a strong ability to hold paint. I also use another good option that is not popular but inexpensive and it is Select Pine. Any option you take, ensure that it is a relatively clear-grained wood.


One of the tools you will be needing is a Coping Saw. To make all the tight little turns required for coping, you will be needing this little inexpensive saw that is highly flexible. Also to fit around the trim that you are working on, it has a unique D-shape. Before you begin you will need to have one.


If the corner of the Trim you have is outside, you have to cut the two pieces at 45 degrees with your miter saw. You then put the two piece up and nail them in place if your floors are level and your walls are square. When it comes to the inner corner, you might think doing the same thing the other way round (in reverse) might work. Not at all!

Without using a coped joint, it is particularly hard to get a clean joint on the inside corners. In no time your trim work will become faster with less noticeable joints once you learn how to do this.

  1. Have the Room Laid Out. Having a coped joint hidden as much as possible is your primary goal. If you want to achieve this, your layout needs to be arranged based on the angle the occupant is going to be looking at the room.There are two sides in each coped joint – a side that is cut flush and another side that is coped to fit over the un-coped piece. The best place you want the un-coped piece to be on is the wall that will be viewed straight. Although this is not the ultimate step, but it is one of the steps professionals take and too much effort is not required to understand this.
  2. Start by Installing the Un-coped Side. This piece should be installed first after cutting it straight. Make sure the cut on both ends are straight and placed end-to-end in contact with the wall on opposite sides.
  3. Cut the Cope Reveal. Cut a 45 degrees miter on the face of the Trim that is going to be coped after taking it to the piece you just installed. Doing this will reveal the profile that you need to cope.
  4. Cut the Cope. Trim along the profile you just revealed with your coping saw. Ensure that the cope cuts-back approximately 45 degrees. Doing this will ensure that the piece of Trim fits neatly on top of it’s duplicate. This might be either difficult or easy but it largely depends on how intricate the profile is on your Trim. A few distinct cut from a variety of angles may be needed to get everything trimmed off. I made one cut for the top of this window stop in this example , i then proceeded to finish the Cope from the bottom.
  5. Cleaning the Cope. There is a possibility that you might have or have not done a perfect trimming. Leaving a bit of more material than you need is considered best practice. This enables you to return later with a file or rasp and clean up the remaining material.
  6. Fitting the Cope. After cutting and cleaning your cope, you have to inspect it to know if you did a good job. This is done by fitting it into the un-coped piece and checking for areas that may require some more trimming so that you can achieve a clean fit. It has to be noted that removing less material is easier than removing too much. It is not really possible to put wood back together, is it?
  7. Nail it Up. As soon as you finish cleaning it up, the other side of the piece should then be cut to length and nailed into place. The other side might need to be cut straight to serve as the un-coped portion of the next joint or it may also be coped, but all this depends on the room layout you chose. All you have to do is to note which on it is so that you can cut it to the right length.
  8. The Right Way to Finish.  The difficult part of this process is done once the trim is up. But before you start showing it off, there a few additional things that need to be done.

Look for all nail heads that are not properly buried below the surface and countersink them.

Use painters putty to fill nail holes and joints.

All bare wood should be primed with an oil base primer.

You then have to sand it smooth after the primer has dried up.

Use two coats of quality enamel paint to paint it

It is done : a joint that will stay hidden for decades because it is perfectly coped. This is a feature that you will definitely want to have on your trim because it is the very revealing sign of a professional job.

As a custom builder of luxury homes, Tanen Homes has a reputation built upon the smallest of details,  including home trim. Contact us for additional information on a custom home design.  Tanen Homes builds luxury homes in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach, Royal Palm Beach Florida and surrounding areas.

Custom Equestrian Estates in Royal Palm Beach Florida

Voted one of the top ten cities for families by Circle Magazine in 2008, The Village of Royal Palm Beach would be an ideal location for your custom built Equestrian home.

Royal Palm Beach offers a community known for its beauty and offers a variety of lots generously sized to accommodate estate homes and equestrian properties.

Royal Palm Beach is an ideal location for an equestrian property, with acre plus parcels of land to build a custom home with more than enough room for your horses to roam.

There are several beautiful communities to choose from in Royal Palm Beach, including the Golf Community of Maddison Green. You’ll also find single family home communities like Crestwood and Bella Terra.

Welcome to the Village of Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach also has been named Tree City USA by the national Arbor Day Foundation each year since 1990.

The Village of Royal Palm Beach also carries a standard of 10 acres of park space for every one thousand residents. Parks in the Village of Royal Palm Beach have been designed with open space areas, and the entire area within the Village limits is designated as a bird sanctuary.

The Village of Royal Palm Beach is governed by a mayor and village council and incorporated in 1959. Municipal services are made available to approximately 34,000 residents.

Tanen Homes has designed and built many equestrian properties throughout South Florida, including Royal Palm Beach.

We would love the opportunity to help you build your dream home!

Check out our portfolio and if you have any questions please contact us!

Important information for Horse Lovers in Royal Palm Beach Florida.

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Equestrians First Place

Happy Endings Farm

Enchanted Stable & Boarding  Show Barn 


Why Remodel Your Kitchen

There are many reasons why a homeowner would like to remodel their kitchen. Maybe you plan to sell your home or you want to stay there but you and your family and friends have outgrown your kitchen.

In some cases it may not be necessary to sell your home and move and chances are remodeling your kitchen may cost you a lot less in the long run rather than searching for a new home. Afterall, a newly renovated or remodeled kitchen can change the entire feel of your home and make it warm, inviting and large enough to entertain friends and family.

Maybe your kitchen is need of repairs and updating. Even though you could take the time out to replace broken tiles or or fix broken cupboards and cabinets. Even if you didn’t do a major remodel or rennovation, by repairing and replacing a few items in the kitchen can give it a new look and feel.

A kitchen rennovation or remodel can increase the value of your home. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in the house. At Tanen Homes no kitchen remodel or renovation is too small or too large or if you would rather sell your home and consider a custom built home, sit with us, you will be surprised in how affordable a brand new custom built home is!

Tanen Homes is a custom home builder. We handle renovations and remodels for luxury homes in West Palm Beach. Contact us as we would love to help!

Replacing Windows is A Great Investment

If you want to change the personality of a room, consider replacing the windows. When replacing windows look for style, practicality and functionality and the perfect look for your homes style.

Living in Florida the right windows to combat hurricanes, tornadoes and storms is extremely important not only for efficiency but safety as well. Replacing windows can enhance the appearance of the home and definitely add curb appeal.

Did you know that an average home can lose up to 30% of its heat and air conditioning energy through the windows. Why throw your air and heat out the window. Energy efficiency windows come in a variety of styles and they definitely will save you money every month. For more information contact Tanen Homes today.

Tanen Homes is a custom home builder located in West Palm Beach. We build equestrian properties, luxury estates, pool houses and guest houses. Contact us for a quote! Its real easy fill out the form down below!

Tips on Find The Best Contractor – Builder

Before you hire a general contractor for repairs, improvements or a custom built home, it is very important that you know who you are doing business with. Often times its mind boggling as there are so many contractors to choose from. Before you hire a contractor, read these helpful tips on hiring the best contractor in your area.

1. Find out how long a contractor has been in business and make sure the company that they represent is an established and reputable company.
2. Make sure the contractor is licensed to work in the State in which you live. You can find this out through your local building department or go to the State of Florida website.
3. Ask the building contractor for a list of completed projects. Do you like their work?
4. Make sure and know the person in charge of your project.
5. Insurance and how much personal liability, property damage and workmans comp do they carry. Request insurance certificates and confirm that the builder is currently insured.
6. Read reviews and references before deciding to hire a contractor/home builder. This will give you an idea of work ethics and the final results.
7. Last but not least get everything in writing and take a copy of the agreement for future reference.

This should help you find the perfect contractor/home builder. At Tanen Homes we have been building custom built luxury homes since the 50’s. For more information contact Tanen Homes we handle custom home building, rennovations and remodeling for luxury real estate..

Choosing Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring can change a homes appearance creating elegance or a laid back, down home feel. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Keep in mind there is a wide variety of flooring available. Its all a personal choice and the best choice for your home. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home.

1.Keep in mind that hard wood floors are not the best choice for high moisture areas such as a bathroom or your pool area.
2.Set a budget as it is very easy to overspend as there is a wide variety of choices and prices available.
3.Very light and very dark hardwood floors are not the best choice for your kitchen. Keep in mind different areas of your home will probably require different types of wood and finishes.
4.Make sure the hardwood flooring offers the right finish to match your lifestyle. A lot of foot traffic requires a tougher finish that can handle spills and natural wear and tear. There are different finishes and it might be wise to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of wood floors and installation.
5.Hard wood floors will enhance a home if placed in the right rooms selecting the best color and style.

We hope you found these tips on choosing hard wood flooring useful.

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Tips On Stopping Mold Growth In Your Home

Mold is a growing concern in the State of Florida due to the number of hurricanes and storms throughout the years. It is quite common to find mold spores on clothing, indoor air, surfaces, walls and furniture. Usually mold found indoors are from outside sources.

In order to keep your home sanitary, cleaning visible mold is a necessity, like mold around your shower, tub and toilet. A little household bleach can help small areas but what about when a home is loaded with mold?

When there is active mold growing you should be concerned and in most cases mold develops from a leak, high humidity in a home, flood or hurricane. Indoor mold growth can lead to airborne mold spoors which could create a wide spread of mold throughout the house in areas where there is high moisture levels. Not only will this destroy a home and possessions but can lead to possible health problems.

Mold has been associated with allergies, toxic breathing as well as infections. Many folks do not realize it but so many people have allergic reactions to mold and the unsanitary conditions it bring into a home. Some of the allergic reaction side affects include: respiratory problems such as asthma, infection, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, eye and/or throat irritation, headaches and fatigue.

Here are a few suggestions in how to keep moisture out of your home.

1.Make sure bathrooms, kitchen, dryers and moisture creating sources are vented outside.
2.Don’t block air and heat vents.
3.Install de-humidifiers if need be.
4.Kitchen exhaust fans use them!
5.Decrease condensation around piping, air ducts and basement walls.
6.For smaller surfaces such as showers, toilets and walls wipe down with bleach.

We hope you found these tips useful and if you are enjoying our blogs please subscribe. Tanen Homes is a custom home builder located in Royal Palm Beach. We also do rennovations and remodeling. No job is too big or small!

Backyard Landscaping – An Important Area To Landscape

When you own a home landscaping is really important. Not only the front yard but the backyard too. Because the front is so visible to neighbors, people driving by and walking its important to keep the front landscaped, yard neat and trimmed. Curb appeal matters especially if you decide to sell your home.

Backyards are a great place to entertain family and friends but who wants to bbq in a backyard filled with weeds and overgrown grass. Your backyard is where your family and friends will gather for fun, sun and create new memories.

Landscaping Your Backyard – Pool Homes – Guest Houses – Gazebos

Landscaping is much more than cutting the grass, trimming the trees and planting flowers around. Lanscaping can include outdoor fireplaces, waterfalls and rock around your swimming pool. If this does not appeal to you maybe stone, herbal gardens and large shade trees will be included in your backyard landscaping. A gazebo, pool house or guest house would enhance any back yard and back yard landscaping. We do all of this and you can count on Tanen homes to help you create your own space.

Think about your friends and family and your lifestyle and how much effort it will be to maintain your landscaping on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And hey if you are interested in adding a guest house, pool house, gazebo or patio, give us a call!

Tanen Homes is a custom home builder specializing in luxury homes, equestrian properties, mansions and estates. We are located in Royal Palm Beach and serve West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us with the form below!

Build A Gazebo

I wouldn’t try this unless you are handy. Do you think you can build a Gazebo for your luxury home? Lets just say the plans are available online and in public libraries but that does not give you the qualification to do it yourself! As custom home builders, we build gazebos to your specifications and have many satisfied clients.

Build A Gazebo

Let’s get started shall we? For starters make sure and pick out the plans that you want. there are three types of wood commonly used to built outdoor structures which are pine, cedar and redwood. Cedar and redwood age well and pine is the easiest to work with. If a wooden gazebo does not appeal to you. Gazebos can also be built with vinyl or metal. If you do not have the tools to work with this type of material maybe buying a gazebo kit is for you.

Next you will need some tools including a level and screw gun or screwdriver. A compound miter saw or sliding compound miter saw is necessary as these machines provide the angular cut you will need to design various gazebo sections.

Bolt the gazebo on a concrete slab or an existing wood floor. For a better looking and better quality gazebo include a built in floor. If you choose to have a built in floor you will have to pour one concrete pier for each post.

As you piece it together it should take shape and transform the area. We build Gazebos and would love the opportunity to build yours!

Warning: Check with the local building department to find out specifications on depth of concrete piers and safety concerns such as underground cables you should avoid.

We hope you found this article on building a gazebo useful. For more information on having a gazebo built by Tanen Homes please contact us below. We do remodel, renovations and custom home building for residents in Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas.