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Popular Kitchen Designs

Most homes offer a gathering place for family and friends to get together. In most cases its the kitchen. In order to have the design of your dreams you must consider the necessities for the perfect kitchen. Here are some helpful tips on popular kitchen designs.

With the number of kitchen design ideas it could be challenging to select the right design for you. There are many free resources that can help you such as visiting a showroom, reading magazines, or feel free to contact Tanen Homes. When it comes to home design the kitchen can add value to your home if it is done right. So lets explore a few custom kitchen designs that might be right for you.

A country kitchen with pot racks, wood cabinetry and open shelves. Country kitchens offer a warm inviting feeling and is also called early american or colonial kitchens.

A contemparary style has clean simple lines. Usually cabinets are stylish for today’s modern family and folks. Contemporary kitchen offers practical sophgistication and style.

Shaker offers flat panel doors, wooden counter tops and plenty of brass hardware for fixtures and such.

French Country – offers plenty of wood and soft colors. Natural materials are used as the same as large furniture with ornate carvings. A french country kitchen offers elegance and style.

As you can see these are just a few of the options you have when building your custom kitchen and creating a kitchen design. You should consider the style of the rest of the home. Colors, materials and quality craftmanship are important when designing homes. For more information on a custom kitchen design or to have your dream home built contact Tanen Homes today.

Tanen Homes creates the finest in custom built homes, luxury homes, estates, and horse properties located in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

custom kitchen

Custom Kitchen Design

A beautiful functional kitchen can make or break a home. Let’s face it, the kitchen is often the meeting spot for families and friends and many new memories are created. Designing a custom kitchen is something that requires a lot of thought and really should be left for the professionals so do yourself a favor and hire a professional.

1.Take time out and think about your design. Ask yourself a few questions. What is important to you? What type of appliances, cabinetry, flooring and counter tops do you want? If you do a lot of entertaining take that fact into consideration when building the kitchen of your dreams.
2,Make sure that the builder is aware of your budget and do your best to stay within it.
3.Think about the decor and style of your home and what style would enhance your kitchen. Choose from one of the following design styles: classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, country and eclectic.
4.What type of cabinets do you want? The right cabinets will make a kitchen cheery affect the openness and size of kitchen.
5.Consider brand and style of kitchen appliances.

Make sure and share all of this information with your kitchen designer. Tanen Homes has created some of the most beautiful and functional cooking space in luxury homes throughout Palm Beach. Contact us for additional information on a custom kitchen home design. Tanen Homes builds luxury homes in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach, Royal Palm Beach Florida and surrounding areas.

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Landscaping Your Pool Area

Living in Sunny South Florida, many custom built homes often include a swimming pool. A swimming pool can enhance and add additional ways to entertain guests, visitors and family. A pool is the perfect upgrade to a home and landscaping your pool area will create curb appeal. When landscaping your pool area one must consider the type of plants, trees and materials that will surround the pool. The purpose of a pool is to have the time to enjoy it, so make it easy for yourself and ask an expert on what to do for landscaping around a pool. Here are a few suggestions to have the time to enjoy your pool rather than spend all of your time cleaning up and working around the pool:

1.Think about plants that are green year round. During the winter months temperatures are suitable for swimming but may be too cold for seasonal flowers.
2.Think twice before planting trees and plants that shed leaves otherwise you’ll will be spending time either raking or cleaning out leaves, flowers, petals out of the pool.
3.Most plants to do not like chlorinated water so plant your trees, plants and flowers a good distance from the pool.
4.When planting trees consider growth and roots. Planting trees too close to a pool can cause the roots to eventually end up underneath the concrete of your pool.

Landscaping can change the appearance of a pool area and create a homey feel. Consider adding a guest house or pool house to create a vacation getaway or a spa right in your own backyard. Tanen Homes builds pool houses, cabana’s and guests houses. Tanen Homes is a custom home builder located in Royal Palm Beach Florida. Our award winning custom home designs can be seen throughout South Florida. We build equestrian properties, horse properties, luxury homes, estate homes, custom homes, check out our portfolio and if you have any questions please contact us.

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About Wellington Florida – The Equestrian Community

Welcome to Wellington Florida home to numerous parks and over 57 miles of horse trails.  Residents can enjoy the equestrian trails in various ways as they are designed horse back riding, hiking, biking and running.  Wellington Florida is known world wide for equestrian activities and was voted as one of the top 100 best places to live according to Money Magazine.

Wellington Florida has become a year round world class Equestrian Community offering top notch equestrian programs, activities and events and still remain as the Great Hometown.  You’ll find spacious estate homes and equestrian properties equipped with barns, guests houses and pool houses.   Because of the wide open space it is possible to have a custom built home built to house horses and farm animals.

Tanen Homes has designed and built many equestrian properties throughout South Florida!    Check out our portfolio and if you have any questions please contact us!  We would love the opportunity to help you build your dream home!

Important information for Horse Lovers in Wellington Florida! 






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Add A Pool House – Cabana

The weather is heating up in South Florida and at times the pool is the most active area in the home. With summer around the corner if you are considering building a pool house or cabana now might be the perfect time to do so. There are a few things to consider when thinking about adding a pool house or cabana. For starters, how do you visualize it? What use will it have and what would make it perfect for entertaining? It is important to list all the important details that you are looking for so that when you discuss it with a home builder they will have a better understanding of what you want.

Custom Pool Houses and Cabanas can be anything that you want, with so many choices it can become quite confusing. At Tanen Homes we have built several pool houses for residents in Palm Beach Florida and surrounding areas.

Here are a few things to consider:

1.How much do you want to spend and how big does your pool house or cabana need to be in order for it to be what you envision.
2.Where do you want your pool house or cabana, of course you will want the pool house or cabana to be convenient and close to your pool.
3.What factors are important? Size, location and what type of design. If you have an idea of what you want make sure and share it with your home builder.
4.Ask the home builder for suggestions as far as location, zoning and design.

If a pool house or cabana are in your near future, contact Tanen Homes. Tanen Homes designs and builds equestrian properties, estate homes, pool homes and guest houses for residents in Palm Beach Florida, Wellington, Vero Beach, Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Call us we would to help!

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Remodeling Your Bathroom

Exquisite home design is important when building custom built homes. A room that you would not want to skimp on would be the master bathroom or any bathroom in a home for that matter. A bathroom is much more than just a bathroom, for some folks its their retreat away from the rest of the world after a long and exhausting day. Creating the right atmosphere, the right design and building a comfortable space is important when it comes to custom built bathrooms regardless of whether you are building brand new or are renovating your space.

Quality fixtures, craftsmanship and the right design can and will make all the difference in bringing an existing bathroom to life. At Tanen Homes not only do we build custom built homes we also rennovate and remodel homes.

If your bathroom is out of date in style and functionality or you just want to create the perfect space to unwind and withdraw from the rest of the world, we would be happy to help!

1.Replace Fixtures and plumbing
2.Repair and/or replace drywall
3.Plumbing services
4.Countertop and mirror replacements

For details on a new bathroom design or want to update and renovate what you already have, contact us today! Tanen Homes is an award winning custom home builder who specialize in equestrian properties, luxury homes, estate homes in West Palm Beach Florida, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and surrounding areas.

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Choosing Your Custom Home Builder

If you’ve decided to have a custom luxury home built there are a lot of things to consider before choosing your builder. Remember this is a big investment and a place you’ll raise a family, entertain, and just relax so that extra time you may spend choosing the builder will be well worth it.

Luxury Home Builder – Custom Home Builder in Palm Beach – Royal Palm Beach – Wellington

1.First and foremost, discuss it with family members. Talk about your individual wants and needs as well as the overall needs of the family.
2.Check out the builders reputation. Ask friends or even the internet to get testimonials about the type of services they provide. Then interview the prospective builder. Make sure they will focus on you and let you be a contributor in all aspects of planning for your home.
3.Don’t leave anything out. Discuss the design, cost, and estimated building time. A good home builder will sit with you, find your needs and put that plan into action.
4.And finally, don’t be afraid to ask about the quality of the building materials they will use. Remember again, this is an investment in your future so make sure the builder is using the best modern technology in their building materials.

With Tanen Homes you can feel confident that we are the home builder you need!

We definitely want your input after all you will be living in your custom built home.
We do use the finest material to build homes and you can expect top quality craftmanship.
We have been featured in magazines and you can find our custom home designs throughout Palm Beach, Wellington and Royal Palm Beach.
We take into consideration your budget!


Kitchen Remodel

Whether you want added value to your home or simply a nice gathering place for family and friends, remodeling your kitchen takes a lot of planning and budgeting.

Hire A Home Builder For Renovations or Remodel – Tanen Homes

Sometime people make the mistake of remodeling their kitchen themselves. Let’s face it, a smart move would be to hire an expert to remodel or renovate your home such as a general contractor and/or a home builder.

The first thing to think about is the budget for your new kitchen. Prioritize your needs into what you have to have down to what you may be able to live without. If you research you may find a way to get what you want whether it may be new kitchen cabinets, gorgeous marble top counters or adding a cooking island. To extend the kitchen or make the room larger you will need the help of a home builder/general contractor.

Luxury Home Building – Renovation and Remodeling – Palm Beach Florida

Discuss your list with a contractor. A good contractor can give you suggestions to stay within your budget and help you to plan. Explain all your needs and show them your priority list and let them design your kitchen to your needs. Ask questions and give them a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

As with any home remodel, check the contractors “track record” to make sure the contractor is going to work in your best interests. Listen to their recommendations and come to the design plan that makes you happy. Going through a remodel is not fun and worse if it is not to your specifications.

Once you’re done with that stay involved in the process. It is the job of any reputable contractor to ease your burden and make you feel you made the right choice for your investment. For more information we are easy to find and if you find these tips useful please subscribe to us!

Tanen Homes is a luxury home builder who designs custom built homes, custom kitchen remodels and renovations, builder of guest houses, barns and pool houses. We service Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and surrounding areas.

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Building A Guest House

What is a Guest House? A guest house is a separate dwelling right on your property. A guest house provides a warm environment and can increase your property value. Guest houses are perfect for out of town visitors and can provide additional room for a older child who needs their privacy or aging parents that may or may not need a watchful eye.

Building A Guest House
At Tanen Homes you can bring your ideas and house plans to us or we can sit down and create your floorplans with you based on what is important to you. Regardless of size, details and design, Tanen homes can help as there is no job to big or to small for us. While some believe that building a guest house is simple do yourself a favor and hire a general contractor.

Palm Beach – Royal Palm Beach – Custom Home Builder
Designing a guest house can be built to your specification, as large or small as you like and can be well matched with your current dwelling on your property. For more information on building a guest house, please contact Tanen Homes.

We build custom built homes in Palm Beach Florida, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

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What We Do

At Tanen Homes we provide top quality services in:

1.Custom Home Design – We specialize in spacious, unique custom built homes.
2.Large Estates and Equestrian Properties.
3.Guest Houses and Swimming Pools
5.Energy Efficient

Building quality homes since 1981in Wellington the city of Atlantis, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter Farms, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

Tanen Homes also provides top quality and dependable services, we build:

1.Room Additions
2.Remodeling and Repair

Our team works extremely hard to provide the quality home you deserve whether it is a brand new custom built home or making home improvements on your current property. When it comes to home design and building Tanen Homes never disappoints. We build your home through your eyes, to your specifications. No job is too big or too small for us. Contact us for additional information.