Build A Gazebo


Build A Gazebo

I wouldn’t try this unless you are handy. Do you think you can build a Gazebo for your luxury home? Lets just say the plans are available online and in public libraries but that does not give you the qualification to do it yourself! As custom home builders, we build gazebos to your specifications and have many satisfied clients.

Build A Gazebo

Let’s get started shall we? For starters make sure and pick out the plans that you want. there are three types of wood commonly used to built outdoor structures which are pine, cedar and redwood. Cedar and redwood age well and pine is the easiest to work with. If a wooden gazebo does not appeal to you. Gazebos can also be built with vinyl or metal. If you do not have the tools to work with this type of material maybe buying a gazebo kit is for you.

Next you will need some tools including a level and screw gun or screwdriver. A compound miter saw or sliding compound miter saw is necessary as these machines provide the angular cut you will need to design various gazebo sections.

Bolt the gazebo on a concrete slab or an existing wood floor. For a better looking and better quality gazebo include a built in floor. If you choose to have a built in floor you will have to pour one concrete pier for each post.

As you piece it together it should take shape and transform the area. We build Gazebos and would love the opportunity to build yours!

Warning: Check with the local building department to find out specifications on depth of concrete piers and safety concerns such as underground cables you should avoid.

We hope you found this article on building a gazebo useful. For more information on having a gazebo built by Tanen Homes please contact us below. We do remodel, renovations and custom home building for residents in Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas.