Choosing Your Custom Home Builder

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Choosing Your Custom Home Builder

If you’ve decided to have a custom luxury home built there are a lot of things to consider before choosing your builder. Remember this is a big investment and a place you’ll raise a family, entertain, and just relax so that extra time you may spend choosing the builder will be well worth it.

Luxury Home Builder – Custom Home Builder in Palm Beach – Royal Palm Beach – Wellington

1.First and foremost, discuss it with family members. Talk about your individual wants and needs as well as the overall needs of the family.
2.Check out the builders reputation. Ask friends or even the internet to get testimonials about the type of services they provide. Then interview the prospective builder. Make sure they will focus on you and let you be a contributor in all aspects of planning for your home.
3.Don’t leave anything out. Discuss the design, cost, and estimated building time. A good home builder will sit with you, find your needs and put that plan into action.
4.And finally, don’t be afraid to ask about the quality of the building materials they will use. Remember again, this is an investment in your future so make sure the builder is using the best modern technology in their building materials.

With Tanen Homes you can feel confident that we are the home builder you need!

We definitely want your input after all you will be living in your custom built home.
We do use the finest material to build homes and you can expect top quality craftmanship.
We have been featured in magazines and you can find our custom home designs throughout Palm Beach, Wellington and Royal Palm Beach.
We take into consideration your budget!

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