Clip System Tile Installation

Clip System Tile Installation

Clip System Tile Installation

We used to think that the only way to install long plank tile or oversize tile was to mudset them. This ended up costing the customer more money and took longer to install. Starting in 2016,  Tanen Homes starting using the clip system for tile installation on oversize tile.

The clip system is composed of two parts; one is the actual spacer that locks in below adjacent tiles, and the other is a wedge that slides into the top sandwiching the tiles between the two parts. They essentially “pull” the tiles from below, and “push” the tiles from the top so that they are all on the same plane. This reduces the amount of lippage (toe kickers) from one tile to the next. This is a revolution in the world of tiling. When used correctly, this system improves the overall quality of the install.

After much discussion with our tile installer, he tried the clip system and agreed that it is a very good alternative to mudset installation. Mudset installation still has a lot of value and is an excellent method for marble floor.

The clip system is good for large tile format such as 6” x 36” and longer. Long tile will bend and the clips will level it out. The clips are placed in the same general areas for each tile laid but may be placed to conform where they are needed.

Tile stores generally have examples of tile installed with the clip system. We at Tanen Homes can determine which installation is the best choice based on tile selection.


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