Custom Kitchen Design

custom kitchen

Custom Kitchen Design

A beautiful functional kitchen can make or break a home. Let’s face it, the kitchen is often the meeting spot for families and friends and many new memories are created. Designing a custom kitchen is something that requires a lot of thought and really should be left for the professionals so do yourself a favor and hire a professional.

1.Take time out and think about your design. Ask yourself a few questions. What is important to you? What type of appliances, cabinetry, flooring and counter tops do you want? If you do a lot of entertaining take that fact into consideration when building the kitchen of your dreams.
2,Make sure that the builder is aware of your budget and do your best to stay within it.
3.Think about the decor and style of your home and what style would enhance your kitchen. Choose from one of the following design styles: classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, country and eclectic.
4.What type of cabinets do you want? The right cabinets will make a kitchen cheery affect the openness and size of kitchen.
5.Consider brand and style of kitchen appliances.

Make sure and share all of this information with your kitchen designer. Tanen Homes has created some of the most beautiful and functional cooking space in luxury homes throughout Palm Beach. Contact us for additional information on a custom kitchen home design. Tanen Homes builds luxury homes in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach, Royal Palm Beach Florida and surrounding areas.