Home Builders Acreage

Acreage is an area in Palm Beach that straddles the highly developed eastern area, yet is close enough to the rural western area to enjoy the outdoor activities that help families bond. The large and spacious home site lots and surrounding dirt roads offer rural character, with a close drive to the city nightlife or easy access to the metropolitan area for building a career. It is an unincorporated area in the Palm Beach county area and offers so much to those who decide to call Acreage home.

Tanen Homes is the best choice for anyone searching for Acreage Home Builders. A locally owned and operated company, plus a family run business offers a unique small business feel and approach to many of the processes in home building today. We have helped thousands of companies find and create their dream home while saving them thousands of dollars and hours of lost time. Among other things, here are a few that Tanen offers:

  • Personalized house plans, modifications, or renovations.
  • Warranty offered for up to TEN years!
  • No Obligation consults.
  • Add square footage, or remove/add bathrooms
  • Work on plans with a Tanen expert at NO charge.

Since we at Tanen feel that you need to feel as part of the team, we believe in open communication throughout the entire home building process. If you are looking for a company you can build with (literally and figuratively), welcome, you’ve found us! We have over fifty years of experience in the construction and planning field in Southern Florida. This, among so many other factors, makes us the best choice for homeowners looking for Home Builders in Acreage.

We truly care about each of our customers and want to help you build the foundation to a better life, and to the home of your dreams. If you are still wondering what Tanen can do for you, check out some input from customers who have worked with us before. On our home page, www.tanenhomes.com , scroll to the bottom for our testimonials. Additionally, to find any questions that you may encounter through the homebuilding process, check out https://www.tanenhomes.com/faq/ for common questions that come up.

In the event you still have doubts, please call one of our experts to discuss the plan of action for your new home. Call us today for a no obligation consult on how Tanen can be your Acreage Home Builders. We can’t wait to speak with you and help you build the house that you’ll feel comfortable in and be proud to call your own.