Home Builders Wellington

Wellington is an unincorporated town in the Palm Beach area that offers an array of activities for family members and individuals alike. With close proximity to the downtown area, it offers nightlife. Several parks and recreation areas close by also offer a town packed with activities for your budding family. The average temperatures are 74-82 degrees, which leaves the opportunities open for outdoor activities, year round.

Tanen Homes has been the premier, award winning Home Builders in Wellington for years. With over fifty years of experience, we know how to get every family or individual a bang for the buck, without sacrificing quality. We have skilled material men with years of experience as well as project managers who are here to make your home building adventure as swift and simple as possible. Tanen is known for our excellence, ease of service, and our exceptional customer service and willingness to create lifelong customers.

As if there weren’t already enough, here’s are more reasons why Tanen Homes is your best Home Builders in Wellington:

  • Customizable set of plans
  • Client input and planning
  • Design assistance and advice
  • Quality construction
  • Personal mobile number of your project manager
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Free consultation. Call Today!

Tanen are the Wellington Home Builders you need to ensure your new dream home is built properly, and at a great cost. We have several options for each individual’s needs and they are all customizable. We won’t ever leave you hanging and promise open communication, which is why we offer personal cell phone numbers for your assigned project manager. Tanen truly cares about all our customers, and that’s why once you sign on with us, we consider you a member of the team.

Join our team today by calling for the no obligations consult to start your plans and sign with Tanen as your Home Builders in Wellington!