Home Designs Acreage

Due to the size of the lots in the Acreage, Florida, the range of home designs is unlimited. The un-incorporation of the community allows for some flexibility in designs. However, every home in the Acreage is served by an on-site well and septic system and this should be part of your home design. Located in Palm Beach County, the middle of Acreage is largely residential comprising of single family houses on one or more acre lots. Shopping and schools can be found on the outskirts of the community with most of the amenities you expect even country clubs.

As the Royal Palm Beach Loxahatchee Acreage, Florida has grown, so has our experience and respect for the beautiful cities of Palm Beach County. We have learned it takes more than lines to design a houses and make it a home. Modern trends in architecture is not about designing the house but discovering the hidden gems that make it a home, A home where memories are made and lives are lived. We have found adaptation breeds uniqueness in our home designs matching modern lifestyles with respect and dignity towards the past and its flawless beauty. Our passion is converting your dream and vision into reality. Seeing the joy on your face is worth the work. We start with the first drawn line to the last brick laid dedicating ourselves to the results you expect and designing inspired homes, grounded in superiority and built on memories to come.

Catalogs of designs, known as pattern books, have passed with the passing of the years. Now all home designs are digital. These pattern books were the building plans used to construct thousands of the buildings in America. The advancements in technology has made it possible for us to offer a digital home design plans increasing the joyful part of the experience. We now have the capability to search beyond the restrictive aspect of print and make changes in fraction of the time. Do not forget to check out our online plans and begin designing your dream home. Inspiration will flow and at least a couple of our plans will stand out in your mind for your initial meeting with our expert designers.

The process of designing your home lets us do what we love and that is watching your ideas evolve and grow from conception to completed design. Our interactive system allows our passion to shine through and help you customize the plans to fit your ideas. Tanen Homes will go the extra mile and make sure that your ideas shine through in your home design for your Acreage home. We believe this is your home, we are only here to facilitate and guide. Our unbeatable knowledge and understanding has afforded us the opportunity to see all sorts of projects and understand what works and what doesn’t within in different home designs.

The design procedure is a imaginative evolution and requires time to make sure it is right before we start building. Call Tanen Homes today and lets get your dreams on paper and let you and your family begin the road to living in a home you designed from the vision in your mind.