Home Designs Jupiter

Jupiter, Florida is uniquely positioned in the northern portion of Palm Beach County and is the eastern most point of the Florida coast. Built in 1860, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse has been a mainstay of the long history of Jupiter’s part in guiding ships along the eastern seaboard. With many miles of pristine beaches, Jupiter has many locations prime for beautiful home designs and lends itself to creativity and ingenuity. From relaxation to functionality and entertainment, Jupiter has everything you’re looking for.

As Jupiter has grown, so have we. By servicing amazing cities, like Jupiter, Florida, we have learned that defining a houses is not easy. The architecture of today is not about planning the house, its about designing a home. Its about designing a home that memories are forged and families grow. In this business, its either adapt or die. We have adapted our home designs focusing on modern lifestyles while remembering the past and respecting its alluring appeal and beauty. Our desire is converting your dream and vision into a viable and feasible tangible home. We start with the first line of the drawing and will not stop until the last brick placed. We are devoted to obtaining results that inspire, yet grounded in excellence and built on memories, both past and future.

The past has taken the old way of doing things with it. We no longer use pattern books for home designs like they did for thousands of the best buildings America has to offer. Like time, technology has not stopped advancing and has even reached down and touched home designs. Now designing a home is digital and now the possibilities are endless. We can make changes in half the time and sometimes on the fly. The ability to find designs and customize them for the client enhances the experience and simplifies the process. We request before your initial meeting with our designers to please take a look at some of our online digital plans and at least get a feel of some of the things you like and would like to discuss.

As the home design process proceeds, we love watching the ideas flow and evolve from the brainstorming session and conception to the final design. Our interactive program enhances our passion for home design and the ability to customize like you want just makes it better. Tanen Homes go farther than the extra mile. Our team is focused on ensuring that your ideas shine through in your home design for your Jupiter custom home. We have faith in you and believe this is your home, we are merely here to enable and guide. Our unsurpassed understanding and experience has shown us what works and what doesnt within in different home designs.

We want th design process to be a creative evolution of ideas and architecture. Yet, it does demand more time to get it right before we start building. Call Tanen Homes today and lets get your dreams on paper and let you and your family begin the road to living in a home you designed from the vision in your mind.