Home Designs Palm Beach Gardens

Designing a home should be unique as the city it is built in. From its founding, Palm Beach Gardens has captured the essence of uniqueness. From its early days as a city just on paper to the beauty of today, Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach Country Estates offers an unlimited number of home designs. Home to the Professional Golfers Association of America, Palm Beach Gardens has 12 golf courses. The indoor and outdoor sculptures across the city has inspired many home designs and encapsulated endless array of charm, sophistication, and year-round activities, offered by Palm Beach Gardens.

The type of house you design in Palm Beach Gardens or Palm Beach Country Estates will be drastically different than any other city in Palm Beach County. Golf is the culture power house and often seeps into the design process of every home. We have learned to embrace it versus fight it. There are some battles that are not worth the fight. However, we do not let the environment completely design the house. To make it a home it must incorporate the dreams of the homeowner and the family. It must be focused on building memories and growing the family. Adaptation and flexibility are our strongest attributes and we use them with each and every project. Modern lifestyles have greatly changed the definition of functionality along with modern technological advancements. However, we cannot forget the past and its alluring architectural designs. We passionately desire to convert your dream home into reality.

When you started a home build in the old days, the designer handed you a home plan catalog, known as a pattern book. You would spend hours just flipping through pages trying and hoping to find the right plan. Now technology has changed everything. We can search in a matter of minutes what took hours. Greatly reducing the time to find the right plan to begin the design process. Now we can get to the fun part, customization, quicker. This is where you can change the bathroom, enlarge the kitchen, or simply add living space. Please review out our detailed initial plans and begin your search for your dream home. You should find motivation and stimulation to take to your initial meeting with our professional designers.

The next step, after the designers listened to your needs, wants, and desires, and brainstormed possibilities, we make the changes to the plan and build a proposal and present a budget. If all goes well, we can then go through multiple rounds of changes to make sure we get it exactly right. Our interactive process and its simple straight forwardness allows us to show our passion. Tanen Homes will go the extra mile and through our passion will make sure your ideas shine through in your home design for your Palm Beach Gardens home. We strongly believe this is your home, we are simply here to facilitate and guide. Our unrivaled experience has allowed us to see all sorts of projects and learn what works and what doesn’t within in different home designs.

The design process is a creative evolution and requires time to get it right before we start the building portion. Call Tanen Homes today and lets get your dreams on paper and let you and your family begin the road to living in a home you designed from the vision in your mind.