Home Designs Wellington

You’re looking for a place to build your new home. Before you decide on the home design that fits your family and lifestyle, you need to find a town or city that does. If what you’re looking is a municipality that has kept its small-town atmosphere, yet contains the better amenities of modern life, then Wellington, Florida may be the town you’re looking for. Aptly named after Charles Oliver Wellington, who owned the 18,000 acres where the town now resides. What started as a small bedroom community, Wellington grew quickly and, within 5 short years, was incorporated. Known as the international center for equestrian events, Wellington has built a large equestrian community and hosted many remarkable equestrian events.

Over the years of serving beautiful cities, like Wellington, Florida, we have learned that houses are not easily defined. The architecture of today is not about designing house, its about designing a home. Its about designing a place where memories are made and lives can be lived to their fullest. We have found we must adapt our home designs to match the modern lifestyles while respecting and celebrating the past and its impeccable appeal and beauty. Our passion is turning your dream and vision into a physical expression and representation. From the first drawn line to the last brick laid, our unwavering devotion results in inspiring homes, grounded in excellence and built on memories yet to be made.

Gone are the days of a designer pulling out a catalog for a home design. Home plan catalogs began over a hundred years ago, in the form of pattern books. These pattern books were used to construct thousands of the best buildings America has to offer. Not surprisingly, modern technology has made it possible for us to offer a multitude of digital home design plans enhancing the experience. The ability to search quickly beyond print and make changes in a fraction of the time. Please check out our plans and begin your search for your dream home. You should find inspiration and at least a few to take to your initial meeting with our expert designers.

As we move through the home design process, we love watching ideas evolve from conception to completed design. Our interactive process is why we do what we do and we are truly passionate about the Home Designs we have and their ability to customize. Tanen Homes will go the extra mile and ensure that your ideas shine through in your home design for your Wellington home. We believe this is your home, we are simply here to facilitate and advise. Our unrivaled experience has allowed us to see all sorts of projects and learn what works and what doesn’t within in different home designs.

The design process is a creative evolution and requires time to get it right before we start the building portion. Call Tanen Homes today and lets get your dreams on paper and let you and your family begin the road to living in a home you designed from the vision in your mind.