Home Designs West Palm Beach

Designing a home is dependent upon the location. 68 miles north of Miami sits the county seat of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Florida. As the third largest and oldest city in southern Florida, the home design selections available are numerous. Safety and relaxation are benefits of West Palm Beach along with miles of beaches and buildings such as the Trump Plaza, Palm Beach House, and Placido Mar. With its own airport, West Palm Beach is the prime location for amazing home designs.

Just as we stated, finding the right location is as important as the design of your new custom home. If there is anything we have learned, it’s that it takes more than a piece of paper, a pen, and ruler to design house that morphs into a home. A beautiful location with in an amazing city, like West Palm Beach, is just the first step and the lot will dictate the initial flow of the design. When the complex and modern architecture of today is incorporated then design process becomes easier but it still does not make it home. What is a home It’s the place where memories are born and families are forged. This concept has forced us to adapt our designs to take into consideration the modern lifestyle with its unique amenities, not present in simpler times. However, we need to respect and celebrate the greatness of the simpler times. Technology has presented us with new challenges but has definitely simplified the process never diverging from our passion of turning your dream home into reality. Each step of the way, we want to inspire our customers and build an amazing relationship.

There was a time when everything was done on by paper and pen and plans were kept in pattern books. These pattern books took an indorant amount of time to work through to find the perfect design. Now plans are digital and quickly sorted through. The digital advancements has made customization even easier and the majority can be made on the spot. We can quickly and easily update quotes and make sure the budget is not exceeded. We kindly request that you review our online plans and pick out a couple to begin the discussion before your initial design meeting.

Tanen Homes goes beyond expectations and we are honored to help you achieve your dream. We love observing the birth of new ideas and their evolution from conception to completion. Our interactive software takes customization to the next level so please do not leave any idea at home. You think it, we can design it. We firmly believe this is your home, we are only here to advise and facilitate. Our unequaled service and experience has allowed us to see all sorts of projects and learn what works and what doesn’t within in different home designs.

The design process is a creative evolution and requires time to get it right before we start the building portion. Call Tanen Homes today and lets get your dreams on paper and let you and your family begin the road to living in a home you designed from the vision in your mind.