Homes for Sale Acreage

When you are looking for a place to call home, an acre or more of land sounds ideal. The Acreage and Loxahtchee, Florida has a majority of homes with at least an acre of land. Unincorporated, the Acreage is located in Palm Beach County. The center of town is residential, surrounded by shopping and schools on the perimeter, comprising of single family houses. Home to four country clubs, such as the private Ibis Country Club with surrounding home prices about $3 million.

Often, homebuyers have a difficult time distinguishing the differences between the multitude of homes for sale around the Acreage. Let alone the difference between who to trust and who to not. With the unique lot requirement of the Acreage, finding a home that fits your needs is easier said than done. However, building a custom home requires finding a homebuilder. Tanen Homes sets itself apart by being the undisputed expert in Acreage and our amazing, experienced team of experts. We strive to deliver and impress. One of our biggest accomplishments was simplifying the homebuilding process through streamlining and consolidation. We, as the Design / Builder, are uniquely qualified to not only design and build your dream home, but most importantly we certify that your dream home is built within your budget.

From Concept to Construction, Tanen Homes will be by your side. Our design experts will sit with you and determine what your dream home looks like and how we can achieve your dream together. We want to capture the essence of your vision. Your project manager will oversee the entire process as your plans are drawn and each detail is decided to ensure that your homebuilding experience is efficient, economical and free from confusion or concern. With Tanen Homes you receive three benefits: Time, Accuracy and Budget.

What does that mean Time because we have predesigned the basic framework and customize it to fit your vision exactly. We remain involved with all changes and updates and we know your floor plan intimately. Time-consuming mistakes are reduced to a minimum by eliminating miscommunication.

Accuracy, since we are the company constructing your home, we have a unique perspective to add during the design stage. We ensure that we draw only construction details that are buildable and feasible. We want your home to look just as it was designed in the plans.

Budget, everyone worries about the budget. Staying within the budget is key to a successful build. Any changes to your home’s design will always result in corresponding changes to the estimated home budget, thus we prefer to have everything right before we start. By working with Tanen Homes you are dealing with the same experts throughout the process. Any changes can be shown on the budget right away with no surprises. Tweaking your design and budget instantaneously provides a rare peace of mind.

Contact Tanen Homes today and build the home of your dreams while keeping your sanity