Homes for Sale Jupiter

With miles of beautiful beaches, Jupiter, Florida is the ideal location for families looking for a place to call home. Originally thought to be the Indian version of the God of Jupiter, early mapmakers changed the name of the area from Jobe to Jupiter. Home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, Jupiter has been directing and guiding ships as early as 1550. Jupiter is the farthest point east on the coast of Florida and the northern most city in Palm Beach County.

More times than not, homebuyers find it difficult to distinguish between the multitude of homes for sale around Jupiter and find what they are looking for. Often finding someone to trust can be muddy and treacherous. With the unique landscape and environment of Jupiter, finding a home that fits your needs is easier said than done. However, when you decide that building custom home is better than searching through homes for sale, then you need to call Tanen Homes. Tanen Homes differentiates itself from other builders by being the expert in Jupiter. Our amazing, experienced team of experts makes it easy to maintain and deliver as promised. We set out a long time ago to make home building easier for our clients. We simplified the process by predesigning foundational plans focused on customization and feasibility. We are the designer and the builder, thus we are uniquely qualified to not only design and build your dream home, but most importantly we verify that your dream home is built within your budget.

From Concept to Construction, Tanen Homes is focused on your new home. Our design experts will sit with you and determine what your dream home looks like and how we can accomplish your dream. We want to encapsulate the essence of your vision. Your dedicated project manager will manage the process as your plans are drawn and each detail is decided upon, focusing his efforts on efficiency, economically, feasibility, and absent of confusion or concern. With Tanen Homes you receive three benefits: Time, Accuracy and Budget.

What does that mean Time because we have developed the basic foundation and factored in customization as to fit your vision. We remain involved with all changes and updates and we know your floor plan personally. Time-consuming mistakes are minimized through miscommunication elimination.

Accuracy, begs knowledge and experience. Hence, we are the company erecting your home, we have a unique perspective to suggest changes during the design stage. We ensure that we draw only construction details that are buildable and feasible. We want your home to look just as it was designed in the plans.

Doesn’t everyone worry about the budget Budget accuracy and stability is key to a successful build. Any variations to your homes design will often result in changes to the estimated home budget, thus we prefer to have everything correct before we start, but that is not always possible. By working with Tanen Homes you are dealing with the same experts through the process. Changes can be shown on the budget in real-time eliminating surprises. Alterations to your design and budget immediately provides a rare peace of mind.

Contact Tanen Homes today and build the home of your dreams while keeping your sanity.