Homes for Sale Palm Beach Gardens

When thinking of the founding of a city, often there is already a population. Not in the case of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Originally by paper only in 1959, Palm Beach Gardens quickly grew into an amazing city. It is the home to the Professional Golfers Association of America and 12 golf courses, one owned by the city. Spread across the city is a fine collection of sculptures designed for inspiration. Palm Beach Gardens is rich in history, culture, and a golfer’s paradise. The homes for sale are surrounded by an endless array of charm, sophistication and year-round activities.

You have looked at every available home for sale in Palm Beach Gardens and you are now a little discouraged. No reason to worry because Tanen Homes is here to help. We take pride that every home is a Castle, worthy to be the backdrop of a familys cherished memories for generations to come. Even though every home we build is unique, some features come standard with all Tanen Homes projects: high standards of architectural integrity, professional project management, focused client service and loyalty to firm budgets and timelines. Tanen Homes has been Palm Beach Gardens preferred custom builder for more than 60 years because of our unwavering standards of excellence.

Our focus on excellence is built upon you not being our customer but our partner. We build relationships along with dreams. We work for you and with you. You are the architect of your dream and crafted vision. It is our experienced team’s job to turn your dream into reality.

The Tanen Home Formula for a Successful Home Build:

  1. Collaborate with the client to capture their vision and meet their expectations
  2. Estimate the budget as precisely as possible to keep costs in check
  3. Innovate through incorporation of the latest solutions in custom home construction
  4. Compliance with all requirements of respected industry organizations and city ordinances
  5. Maintain open lines of communication by constantly keeping clients apprised of the process and progress
  6. Anticipate issues and act quickly and accurately

Tanen Homes method is tried and tested. Keep a little of your sanity and stop looking for homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens. Build the home of dreams today with the trusted builder in Palm Beach Gardens, Tanen Homes.