Homes for Sale Palm Beach

It takes something special to make a house a home. Homes in Florida have a wide range of choices that will fit even the finickiest of palates. Palm Beach, Florida has some of the most amazing homes in Florida. Henry Morrison Flagler built his resort in Palm Beach in 1902 and the town grew up around him resulting in incorporation in 1911. Located in eastern Palm Beach County, Palm Beach is the home to two renowned landmarks, the Whitehall (Flagler’s home) an American castle and the famous Breakers Palm Beach Resort. The population of Palm Beach fluctuates between summer and winter, with summer boasting three times larger number of residents than winter.

Researching and locating the perfect place to call home is the first step. Finding the right home for sale is another altogether. Many houses in Palm Beach can be a place to live but it takes a special house to be a home. Incredible homes never begin with materials, machines, concrete trucks or architects and blueprints. Incredible homes begin with a vision and a dream. Your definition of a home is different than the next person. A vision takes years marinating in experiences and life’s challenges. Would you really be proud of your vision if it came easy As most people, you looked all over Palm Beach and could not find your home for sale. Maybe its time to consider building it the way you want it. Let Tanen Homes help your vision come to life. We will help you make it better than you ever pictured it.

At Tanen Custom Homes, we love to listen then guide you through the wilderness. Our scrupulous attention to detail, lasting style, and excellent construction, from the preliminary concept to the last fixture, we are focused on creating homes that are truly, deeply, our clients vision. We promise imagination, efficiency, quality, and transparency throughout the process. We will brainstorm and collaborate with you, while keeping you on time and budget every step of the way.

Some of the basic questions we ask:

What types of visitors will you have

What will be your flow of traffic

What will change as your family grows

Where will everyone gather The kitchen The Dining Room The Family Room

Where do you prefer to dine At the table or at the island Do you need a formal dining room

How do you entertain or plan to entertain in your new home

Will you work at home How Where

These are just some of the questions that will direct the design of your home and commence the development of your home. Would you rather be building the home of your dreams or still shopping for just the slight chance of finding the right home for sale

Call Tanen Homes today and let’s build your Palm Beach dream home together.