Homes for Sale Wellington

Some people, when looking for new homes for sale, often want a community that has strived to maintain the small town feel while delivering the conveniences you expect. Wellington, Florida has done just that. A charming village tucked away in Palm Beach County, Florida, which has surprisingly become the fifth largest municipality in the county. Wellington was named after Charles Oliver Wellington, who owned the original 18,000 acres for which the town resides. Beginning modestly as a small bedroom community, Wellington has seen rapid grown and within 5 years achieved incorporation. Over this time, Wellington has built a stellar reputation as the international center for equestrian events. Home to a healthy equestrian community and amazing equestrian events, including show jumping, hunting, dressage and polo, for which it hosts on a regular basis.

Finding the right place to live is the first step. Finding the right home for sale is another. It takes a special house to be a home. Amazing homes do not start with materials, machines, concrete trucks or architects and blueprints. Vision and dreams is where homes begin. You know what the definition of a home for you is and it is not the same for the person down the street. A vision built on years of experiences and life’s ups and downs. If your vision came easy, it would not be what you really want. A true home vision takes time and careful consideration. You tried to find it in homes already for sale to no avail. Now you know what you want so let Tanen Homes help your dreams come true. After all, it will be your legacy. We will help you make it better than you ever pictured it.

At Tanen Custom Homes, we are listeners that act as guides in the wilderness. Our meticulous attention to detail, enduring style, and quality construction, from the initial concept to the last light bulb, we work with our clients to create homes that are truly, deeply, their own. We promise creativity, efficiency, quality, transparency, and that we will be with you throughout the whole process, from your initial vision to creating the design to the build. We will brainstorm and collaborate with you, while keeping you on time and budget every step of the way.

Some of the basic questions we ask:

What will change as your family grows

How do you entertain or plan to entertain in your new home

What types of visitors will you have

What will be your flow of traffic

Where will everyone gather The kitchen The Dining Room The Family Room

Where do you prefer to dine At the table or at the island Do you need a formal dining room

Will you work at home How Where

These are all questions that will direct the design of your home and begin the process on the right foot. Would you rather be building the home of your dreams or still shopping for just a the slight chance of finding the right home for sale

Call Tanen Homes today and lets build your Wellington dream home together.