Homes for Sale West Palm Beach

Driving 68 miles north of Miami you will find the beautiful city of West Palm Beach, Florida. It is the oldest and third largest city in South Florida. As the county seat of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach has its own airport and public transportation system. The city has services one has come to expect from any large city and is the home to prominent buildings as the Trump Plaza, Palm Beach House, and Placido Mar. As one of the safest cities in Florida, West Palm Beach is ideal for individuals and families looking for a home for sale.

Exploring and discovering the picture-perfect house to call home is the first step. Houses in West Palm Beach can be a place to live but it takes a special house to be a home. Unbelievable homes do not begin with materials, machines, concrete trucks or architects and blueprints. Unbelievable homes begin with a dream that becomes a vision. Your dream is unique and specific to you and your family. To take a dream to a vision requires marinating it in experiences and life’s challenges. You probably search West Palm Beach and did not find a home for sale that fit your vision. Have you thought about building your new home instead of buying someone else’s dream Tanen Homes can help your vision come to life. We will help you make it better than you ever pictured it.

Working with Tanen Homes gives you complete control over the design, layout and appearance of your new home. Get the large walk-in closets or bay windows you have always wanted. Add square footage and increase your home’s living space. Add a bedroom or another bathroom or even build that kitchen a chef will envy. Choose your favorite layout, and then we can customize from there. It is tailor-made to fit your needs.

Steps to a Custom House:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Design Proposal
  • Feasibility Study
  • Finalize the Plans
  • Ground Breaking
  • Construction
  • Move In / Closing

Completion of your custom house with your consent and joy is our goal when you see the completed home. Look through some of our projects; we’re sure our work will speak for itself. We look forward to working together on your new custom house in West Palm Beach.