House Plans Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County, FL. It is well known for having plenty of parks and takes a green or environmentally friendly approach to protecting the green space. This was evidenced by an acquisition of a 190-acre space to create a master central park, with 25 acres used to create a passive bird watching/nature park. This is just one of the many reasons to settle in Royal Palm Beach.

Tanen Homes has been in business for over fifty years and has helped thousands of homeowners find the home of their dreams. Whether you are making modifications to one of our eight house plans in Royal Palm Beach, or have a set of house plans you’d like to work with us on, we are here to help. Tanen ensures the process is smooth through years of knowledge and experience. Take a look at some of our house plans to see how you’re going to customize them to create your dream home.

Our process is lengthy as we think the extra attention to detail really makes the difference. We start by walking you through the design and planning phase, offering any suggestions or advice we find necessary. After this phase of the process is completed, we start a timeline for your construction. We go over the different materials we will be using for your home, and we assign a project manager to the job. All of our material men and project managers are highly trained and skilled to offer the very best to our customers. You’ll find that the following really makes the difference between Tanen Homes and our competitors:

  • Excellent customer service and open, often communication.
  • Design and planning from experts with over fifty years of experience.
  • Personal cell phone numbers to your project manager(s).
  • An organized process that is outlined initially, before the project begins.
  • Knowledge of building permits and codes, as well as surrounding areas of Royal Palm Beach.
  • House plans in Royal Palm Beach to suit each family or individual.

We understand making the financial and personal decision to begin this process may take a toll on you. With Tanen Homes, it doesn’t have to. We make it as simple and stress-free for each of our customers. The main difference is that we truly care about each customer we work with and want them to feel part of the team. That is why we keep communication open, use our customers as advisors to us, and allow any customization or modification to our eight existing Royal Palm Beach house plans. As mentioned before, we allow our customers to bring their own house plans to us as well.

For a no obligation, free consult, call Tanen Homes today and schedule to get started.