Years ago before we used computers to draw construction documents, we did them by hand. One of the founders of Tanen Homes, Nathan Tanen would work in the field by day overseeing construction and then sit down after dinner and hand draw house plans. If someone wanted the house flipped, the plans had to be redrawn and this process took many hours to complete.

Today, we have the wonderful tool of CAD (computer aided design) to do the hard work for us. This still takes hours of work, however mouse clicks are easy to change as opposed to pencil. There are many programs available to contractors and some homebuyers purchase inexpensive versions to draw what they would like in a new home. Inexpensive programs are generally limited and we end up drawing the plans anyway. This is a good starting point for those home buyers that know what they want. Our job is to make sure it works. It is one thing to draw a pretty picture and another thing to build it.

At Tanen Homes, we use a program called Softplan. When home buyers come to us, we offer modifications to our set plans so each home buyer is involved in the building process. It is actually unusual for a home buyer to walk in, see a floor plan and go to contract without any modifications. For that reason, we at Tanen Homes work with you the home buyer to make sure you get exactly what you want. This is generally a back and forth process and we do not charge to change plans regardless of how long it takes prior to contract to ensure that you are satisfied.

There are instances where home buyers bring in a set of plans drawn by a plan designer or architect. In that instance, you the home buyer will have to acquire 3 full sets of signed and sealed engineered plan documents for submittal to the building department. We do make every effort prior to contract to make sure the set of plans will work in the field. There have been occasions where plans were brought to us and we discovered errors such as door openings that were wrong, etc., or other things that could have been designed better. When we build from plans draws by others, any errors found or changes that need to me made are put back in the hands of the home owner to get done with the plan designer or architect. We certainly take charge and work with the parties involved in plan drafting but any expenditure derived from changes or corrections to owner supplied plans fall back on the home buyer.

Plans are also available for purchase online. Caution should be taken as one needs to make sure that those plans meet code for local municipalities. Most of our homes are built in Palm Beach County and plans for those homes must meet code. There are no shortcuts when it comes to code whether it be local or state codes.  Before spending money on plans online, you should make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Whether you purchase plans online, have plans draw by a plan designer or architect, you will need the following signed and sealed plan sheets.

  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Front and Rear Elevation Plan
  • Left and Right Elevation Plan
  • Lintel Plan
  • Details Sheet Plan
  • Truss Plan
  • Electrical Plan.

When Tanen Homes does the set of plans, everything is included in the price to build. No matter which direction you the home buyer decide to go as far as plans, we are happy to work with you to make sure you get the home you want.

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