Houses for Sale Palm Beach

Houses across Florida are amazing, yet none rival the houses you will find available in Palm Beach, Florida. Originally founded as a resort by Henry Morrison Flagler, Palm Beach is located at the eastern most part of Palm Beach County. Palm Beach is home to Flaglers Whitehall home, which is known as a true American Castle. Have you heard of the famous Breakers Palm Beach Resort Yes, it’s located in Palm Beach, Florida. Just like other beach side communities, Palm Beach has a larger summer population than winter, about 3x times.

Are you having trouble finding the right house for sale Have you considered building your own home

Tanen Homes is the Palm Beach home builder since the 1950’s. Tanen Homes was started to bring a high level of attention to detail that homeowners deserve and were not finding. All of our models are designed with functionality and sustainability with the ability to weather the Florida environment. We have factored in partial to full customization of each of our models. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to ensure the plans fit your specifications from changes in square footage to layout.

From your first phone call to your last, Tanen Homes you will experience our scrupulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal and mission. Custom deluxe living is vital and incorporated into all our designs and customizations. Tanen Homes is humbled by the list of satisfied customers and referrals recievedreceived over the years as the premier builder in Palm Beach.

Each client is taken through each step of our established 10-step process.

1. Introductory Meeting

2. Home Site Evaluation / Location Service

3. Professional Architectural Design

4. Plan Review

5. Color, Interior, and Exterior Selection Meetings

6. Financing

7. Architectural Approval

8. Construction Loan Close

9. Home Owner Meetings During Construction

10. Closing

Once you are ready to build your house, please look for a builder with experience, creativity and integrity. Tanen Homes practices the most current green building methods with state-of-the-art floor plans coupled with attention to detail. We strive to build the very best luxury homes that withstand the test of time. Therefore, if you cannot find the house for your needs, consider building a new custom home, in Palm Beach.

Contact us at (561)798-3190 for more details or fill out the contact form to send a message.