How to cook up a hot kitchen in 2013

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How to cook up a hot kitchen in 2013

One of the few places in the heart of the home, that brings the whole family together is the kitchen. It is not really much fun when you cook alone, so having an expansive island that gives enough space will enable family members to lend a hand in the cooking and make it more exciting.

The island can be used for various purposes,  from preparing and serving the food to a place where you can have a casual dinner or homework. Over the years, the island which is a part of the kitchen that is always in use, has transformed into a piece of art that is constantly evolving.

Today’s islands come with designs that offer endless possibility while incorporating shelving, storage and clean up. There are some islands that are as long as a room, showcase glass or stone counter tops, compliment the design of the main cabinetry and mimic pieces of furniture.

The goal of a kitchen design is to provide stylish flexibility with comfort and openness at the same time. A well designed kitchen is a multifunctional space that is beautiful and able to accommodate the need of a household with multiple children, empty nesters, visiting family and friends. To make your kitchen more welcoming and warm, you need to arrange stashed away bills, keep all charging devices and media cords out of sight and keep all built in appliances hidden behind stylish cabinet faces. To enable your guests and ‘sous chef ‘ close enough to converse and also assist you, get a butler’s pantry with mini that is neatly out of the work triangle.

Rooms were joined with small openings in kitchen designs of the past decade. This maze of rooms made it difficult for guests to locate the kitchen. Most of the time the kitchen is out of sight because it is used for a particular purpose. But the recent trend has been casual kitchens that are relaxed and open to dining room, family room, breakfast nook and covered lanais. These are just some of the designs used by homeowners and designers in place of more formal spaces.

 If you want to make clean up very easy, use a backsplash because it also adds color and texture. You can repeat the colors in your furniture, accessories and accents, there is also the choice of using vibrant or muted colors. Also to add a more graceful appearance to the backsplash, use metal in various finishes in your gadgets and appliances. The creative use of metal tiles as backlash feature wall or in small accent is a common practice these days, the options are numerous from bronze fleur-de-lis inserts to pewter rope braids or stainless steel. This trend is not going away any soon even though glass tiles have been in used in the design of modern kitchen for years. To get a unique twist that is sometime unexpected and colorful, recent designs even come with a mixture of glass and tiles.

 Most 2013 Kitchen Palettes are inspired by mother nature, much like the modern bath. Outdoor inspired designs like garden and beach can be found everywhere these days. All over the world they can be found in varying tones of dark to warmer colored wood, and you can even consider the classic white. It is very easy to use gorgeous white cabinetry to create contemporary, farmhouse or cottage architecture. There are also other parts of this design such as tiles that imitate wood , a casual elegance reinforced with stone or wide plank flooring.

 As you may have observed, most kitchens are getting more equipped and hi tech. A huge number of smart storage options are available, such as warming drawers, custom designed hoods, convection ovens and even stainless steel appliances that can talk to your phone. To ensure that no space is left unused and every item is neatly stored at the point of use, the drawers and cabinet are customized to meet this need. The pantry which has often been described as mundane has been infused with a touch of sophistication and integrated wood shelving, wine storage, a second sink, coffee system and much more.

Professional designers and kitchen savvy homeowners select the features that appeal the most , thereby making the most of the kitchen design, even if a modern-day kitchen sounds really expensive. If you think about your everyday needs, designing a kitchen with smart placement and excellent function does not have to be an expensive project. Also if you want to drastically increase function and fun without exceeding your budget, create spaces for the centerpieces, island and open walls.