A wonderful concrete block foam insulation called Core-Fill 500™ Masonry Foam Insulation, by Tailored Foam of Florida is a product that Tanen Homes has offered for a number of years. We include this product as standard item with our Aruba series homes.

What is concrete block insulation? During the building stage after interior framing, rough plumbing, A/C, and Electrical roughs are complete, we have Tailored Foam of Florida drill holes in the block walls for the entire house and then inject under pressure, spray liquid foam into the block walls. The foam fills all the voids in the block walls.

Concrete has no insulation value. It’s primary function is a strong building. Combined with steel and concrete, block walls are very strong. “Core-Fill 500™ fills every joint, crack and gap in a masonry wall, providing the best possible sealing system against moisture, airborne dust and pollutants, and sound” ( Another product Tailored Foam offers and Tanen Homes has used is Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation. This product replaces Batt and blown in fiberglass insulation which is recycled paper, mostly from newsprint. Fiberglass is tiny strands of glass.

Icynene® Spray Foam insulation is applied to the underside of the plywood roof between the trusses. When applied, all the foam expands to fill any space, regardless of dimensions, shape or surface irregularity. The result is a roof that is air tight and a major reduction of heat penetration resulting in an energy efficient home. Icynene® Spray Foam combined with Core-Fill 500™ will make air conditioning significantly more efficient and electric bills much lower than a home with traditional insulation products.

Another nice feature of Icynene® is that it is applied to the underside of the roof plywood. In addition to superior R values, this product eliminates batt insulation or blown in insulation that compresses over time and becomes less efficient.

Icynene® Spray Foam according to roofing manufactures of cement tile roofs approve and will warranty the concrete tiles. To date, Tanen Homes has not found an asphalt shingle manufacturer that will warranty their shingle with this type of insulation. This doesn’t mean the product can’t be used with shingle roofs, however there may be shingle manufacturing warranty issues. This is not the case with concrete roof tile.

Tanen Homes does not include Icynene® Spray Foam insulation as a standard product. The product is not initially inexpensive but over time the savings in energy expenses is greatly reduced and well worth the investment. This is true for not only saving money on electricity but the efficiency of your home will be greatly enhanced.

To learn more about Tailored Foam of Florida and the comparison and benefits over conventional insulation products, we encourage you to visit their web site,


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