Light Fixtures That Impress

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Light Fixtures That Impress

When building your dream home the one important element to consider is lighting. It can change a mood or setting with a flip of a switch.

There are many types of lighting that will give your home the perfect look or place the focus on a specific element in a room. Using the proper light will allow you to bring out the beauty and allow you to use each room in the manner in which it is meant to be used.

Lets talk lighting!


* General lighting allows you to use a room and have enough light so that you and yours can function properly by being able to see with no problem. Often times home owners will use lower voltage bulbs and the lower the voltage the lower the light and of course the harder it is to see.

Rooms that people do a lot of reading or writing, cooking and shaving should have brighter light.

Who wants to overcook rice because you could not read the directions or cut your face because you did not have the proper lighting in the bathroom.

Modern Bedroom in Light Tones --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

* Accent lighting allows you to focus on the most beautiful spots in a home.

Accent lighting allows you to place the light on a focal point of a room such as knickknacks, collectibles and artwork. Items on display will always appear much more beautiful with accent lighting! Accent lighting can be spotlights, lighting in your ceiling or built into cabinetry. Always check to see the best voltage for accent lighting.


Let’s face it sometimes you need additional light and since more than one person is using each room, a lamp or lights directly on the stove, sink and counters will provide enough direct light to read instructions.

Always remember that lighting should be in front of you vs. behind you for the best use, affect and lighting!

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