(Choosing a Builder)Upon qualifying for a construction perm loan (construction loan that modifies to a mortgage upon completion of the home) researching and visiting home builders is your next step. Once you research builders online, you should visit them and be prepared to ask questions. There are a number of questions you should ask prospective home builders. You could start off by asking questions you already know the answers to from your online research. This will keep the builders and their staff honest. Don’t be afraid to ask and keep in mind that you are making a big decision in trusting a builder to construct your new home. This is your money you are spending and you need to be comfortable with your decision. We at Tanen Homes prefer that you know everything you can before you spend any money.

Asking basic questions like how long have you been in business and do you have a list of previous home buyers and current home buyers that I can call. Tanen Homes is proud to be able to provide those lists.  Ask how long the building process takes. Our contract provides up to 8 months building time from pouring of the building slab. Do you provide lien releases for NTO (Notice To Owner)? NTO is part of the Florida Lien Law. Lenders require lien releases from builders and home buyers should request copies as well. What does an NTO mean to you the home buyer? It basically means that a subcontractor such as a roofer or block mason for example purchases materials for your home, and the subcontractor and or materialmen file an NTO. If a contractor fails to pay for goods or services, you the home buyer may be on the hook for payment. At Tanen Homes, we know who will be filing NTO’s and we scan the payment check to our subcontractors and they are required to produce either a partial or final release of lien depending on the situation. For example, a plumber or electrician will have several stages of construction and they will provide partial releases and then upon completion of the project, they will supply a final release of lien. Once we receive the release of lien, we mail the check to the subcontractor. This way everyone is protected. NTO’s are sent many times by certified mail and they are mailed to you the home owner, we the builder and also to the lender. Lenders will require the builder to produce releases of lien from the NTO before payment is disbursed to the builder for work in process.

Another important question to ask is if the builder will alter the plans from their brochure. Tanen Homes offers in house plans and will make changes to our plans prior to home buyers entering into contract. You the home buyer meet with our sales staff and make changes to the floor plans and elevations. We then make the changes on our CAD drawing system and show you the changes. It is also not uncommon to make changes to the changed plans. We at Tanen Homes will change the plans as many times at takes to make sure you get exactly what you want and we do not change to do this.

Make your list is questions and visit builders in the areas you are considering building in. Our travel area is from Boynton Beach to Jupiter, Florida.

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