Tile Roof or Shingles – Selecting The Right Roof For Your New Home

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Tile Roof or Shingles – Selecting The Right Roof For Your New Home

There are many decisions to make when building a custom built home. Today more and more home owners are selecting a tile roof over a shingle roof for various reasons.

Although tile roofs are much appealing in many cases homeowners will select shingle for cost and maintainece reasons. As a new home buyer it is important to understand the differences and select the right roof for you new custom built home.

Let’s Talk Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are so much more attractive and does in fact add value to your home. Tile roofs can be costly and more so than a shingle roof. Tile roofs provide much more insulation which can affect the temperature inside your home. Tile roofs keep homes cooler in the summer and the insulation is helpful to keep cooling costs down. During winter months the insulation works the opposite and will keep the heat in.

Floridians may select this type of roof to protect from rain, tropical storms and hurricanes. Sometimes the roof tiles crack or break and need to be replaced and a repair is much more costly than shingles. Tile roofs need to be cleaned from time to time. Generally there are warranties on roofs and can be anywhere from 5 to ten years. It’s always best to check with your home builder and general contractor.

Lets Talk Shingle Roofs

You’ll find that shingle roofs are not as expensive as a tile roof and may allow you to add other upgrades to your new home with the savings. Many older homes throughout South Florida with shingle roofs have withstood the strong winds, the heavy rains of hurricanes and tropical storms. If however the shingles are damaged or are ripped from the house, shingle roofs are much easier and less costly to replace or repair. There is minimal maintence compared to a tile roof. Keep in mind new shingle roofs have warranties on them usually up to five years but it can vary. Its been to check with your custom home builder and general contractor.

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