Tips On Stopping Mold Growth In Your Home

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Tips On Stopping Mold Growth In Your Home

Mold is a growing concern in the State of Florida due to the number of hurricanes and storms throughout the years. It is quite common to find mold spores on clothing, indoor air, surfaces, walls and furniture. Usually mold found indoors are from outside sources.

In order to keep your home sanitary, cleaning visible mold is a necessity, like mold around your shower, tub and toilet. A little household bleach can help small areas but what about when a home is loaded with mold?

When there is active mold growing you should be concerned and in most cases mold develops from a leak, high humidity in a home, flood or hurricane. Indoor mold growth can lead to airborne mold spoors which could create a wide spread of mold throughout the house in areas where there is high moisture levels. Not only will this destroy a home and possessions but can lead to possible health problems.

Mold has been associated with allergies, toxic breathing as well as infections. Many folks do not realize it but so many people have allergic reactions to mold and the unsanitary conditions it bring into a home. Some of the allergic reaction side affects include: respiratory problems such as asthma, infection, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, eye and/or throat irritation, headaches and fatigue.

Here are a few suggestions in how to keep moisture out of your home.

1.Make sure bathrooms, kitchen, dryers and moisture creating sources are vented outside.
2.Don’t block air and heat vents.
3.Install de-humidifiers if need be.
4.Kitchen exhaust fans use them!
5.Decrease condensation around piping, air ducts and basement walls.
6.For smaller surfaces such as showers, toilets and walls wipe down with bleach.

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