What Home Size is Right For You?

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What Home Size is Right For You?

What Home Size Do You Need?

For most homeowners,  the size of the home is a very important factor. The need for more space is one of the main reasons why people go hunting for a house. Even though you may not stay in your new home forever, it is possible that you will stay there for a couple of years. It is important that you don’t just consider the current space you need, but also think about the kind of space you will be needing in the near future.  Experts even advise that you act like your current home purchase will be the last one.


One of the key reasons (as noted by Realtors) people look for a large home is a growing family. When you think about a home size, it is important that you plan for growing children or the ones you intend to have in the future. The children will need space to sleep and also need play areas, such as  a playroom and nice sized back yard. Reserving an extra room, even if you don’t have the need for a child’s bedroom at the moment, is a wise decision.  It can serve many other purposes, for example – a guest room, indoor mini gym or a home office, until you start to have children.

Empty Nesters

If your children have reached adulthood or have moved out of the house, you might want to consider buying a smaller home. Instead of caring for a room used occasionally when your children visit, you could add a futon to your home office since your kids no longer stay with you. You will save enough needed cash by reducing the number of room by one (money you can even use to enjoy many awesome trips).


At home, how often do you need to entertain guests? You will need more space to accommodate the guests, especially if you have a dinner party every week. But if for the  most part, you have only immediate family in your house, then having less space for entertainment shouldn’t be a problem.

You’ll need to calculate the price of booking a hotel room compared to buying a home that comes with an extra guest room, when guests like grandma, other family members and friends visit for the week or summer. It is wise to go for a smaller home size if your budget is tight (the amount of money you will pay monthly is even smaller) instead of being disturbed about how you are going to accommodate house guests that visit occasionally.

Special Needs

When thinking about the size of home you want to get, it is important to consider your special needs or hobbies, if you have any. Some of the special needs that may require a specially designed room or dedicated spaces include the following :


  •    Family member with a disability. Special accommodations may be needed, in order to make their stay comfortable.
  •    Over sized furniture, such as pool table or a piano.
  •    You might need a home office with additional space for setting up.
  •    Dance and/or art studio.


When buying a home and money is not an issue, many of us would just buy a mansion, once and for all. However, during the  home buying process, a major concern for most people is the price. There are some sacrifices you need to make when choosing your new home. Square footage is the second most important feature, after price. When a price is quoted, make sure you choose the biggest home size in that price category that you can afford. You can start adding other accessories to the home later. You may have remorse later of you do the opposite and buy a home with a lot of great features but not enough space. Doing an expansion in a home is an expensive and long process. But bit-by-bit over time it is easy to add upgrades like hardwood floor or granite counter tops .

The design of the home is another factor that needs to be considered. Square footage is not the only thing that you need to focus on. The right home feels ultra-flexible and larger based on floor plan design, and this is because home floor plans can be laid out differently.

Some home plans may not suit your needs because they are more confining, even though they both share similarities in square footage, size and looks. Instead of focusing on the square foot number, consider the space been offered, the homes ability to meet your needs and the flexibility it offers.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When considering home size, your kind of lifestyle is another important factor that you need to consider. You might want to opt for buying a smaller house if you are not always at home. You can easily upgrade later when your lifestyle has changed and your family begins to grow.

You also have to consider pets to if they are a part of your life. You need to consider home size needs if you are with your pets most of the time. For example, a big yard is needed by large dogs. But if the options available in your city does not include owning or you have a tight budget, buying a larger home with more square footage for pets to play indoors is an option you may need to consider.

Be Proactive and Think Long Term

If you want to know the size of a home, an easy way to do it is to study the floor plan of the place you are staying currently. Get a photocopy of the floor plan diagram and on it indicate spaces reserved for different activities. You may need a bigger home if you feel the urge to draw extra rooms into the floor plan. Going through this process will give you an idea of the size of square footage you will need and also help you as you start making your future plan.

As a custom builder, Tanen Homes understands the importance of every detail that concerns you, including choosing the right size of home to suit your lifestyle. We have a portfolio of beautiful homes that we’re proud to offer – have a look and contact us for more information.